Wednesday, November 9, 2011


No acting experience needed. This is recommended at camp or retreats. You can select from the 11 given themes and have a lively Bible study of a Faith Hero through role-play.

Faith Actions: Offering, Spiritual Discipline, Holy Fear, Obedience, Patience, Submission, Perseverance, Surrender, Sacrifice, Discernment, Consecration

将信心付诸行动: 奉献, 属灵纪律, 敬畏, 顺服, 忍耐, 服从, 坚忍不拔, 屈服, 牺牲,
仔细辩别, 奉献

Here is a sample Faith Hero senario:

In the Bible, Abel Offered a better sacrifice than Cain. Modern Day struggles of Offering our finance and time.

亚伯献的供物比该隐好. 现代生活困境奉献财政,时间.

Workshop Time: 4 hrs (2 sessions)